Over the past few years, we have organised pop-up shops in many cities in india. We have garnered great response from our loyalists.

We are an integral part of the royal fables team. Royal fables, is India’s only heritage platform that showcases the rich culture, craft, cuisine and art of Regal Royal India. The ten year old exposition launched in 2010 and hosted shows not only in India but overseas as well. Working closely with the kaarigars in our region and reviving so many handcraft techniques it has been the perfect fit for our brand to be associated with them and so many more scions from our community. Together we present our rich tradition and attire taking our lineage forward. The founder of the organization has also been awarded the Nari Shakti from the president of India for keeping India’s rich hand craft tale alive. 

In addition, we have also been a part of Luxury Lifestyle Weekend, a gala exposition that collates all things luxury. The three day event is hosted in Mumbai at jio Gardens BKC. Our annual stand alone shows are hosted in Pune, Jaipur and Indore.