Just chiffons for me is just not a brand but my happy place for perfect hues and shades of the most gorgeous and detailed sarees. Each piece is beautifully crafted and detailed with precision and love. My saree love is just chiffons.

Princess Nandini Singh Of Jhabua


I love wearing sarees, especially chiffon sarees, as they’re so versatile and comfortable to wear. I came across Just Chiffons on Facebook a few years ago and called Kunwarini Dipti Singhji to get more details on the sarees. She was very pleasant and kind, and offered to send a few sarees to Mysore, so that I could get a better look at them. I love their sarees, the colours, the vintage designs and intricate work, and have been buying from them for a long time now. Whenever I need a saree for any event or function, Just Chiffons is my go to for embroidered chiffon sarees. I wish Dipti Singhji and Rohini success always, and look forward to many more beautiful collections from them.

Deepa Malini Devi


My closet is full of many beautiful vintage border series crafted by Just Chiffons. I even love their embroidered saris for their subtelity and sense of design. If it is a moment to wear a decorous chiffon then to me it means wearing a ‘Just Chiffon.’

Anshu Khanna

Founder Royal Fables

Authenticity is the heart of a true brand, and it is evident in your work. Your choice of every Saree, the craft and craftsmen you showcase is just beautiful. Love all your traditional and modern designs, my most personal favorite Chiffon Saree is which I purchased from you ( Just chiffon) thank you and best wishes to you.

Madhu Singh


Every saree is better? than the other, Excellent! I would love to buy just chiffon saree in future too for every ocassion. Thank you and lots of love for JUST CHIFFON TEAM.

Shalini Roongta


I have been buying all my sari’s from Just Chiffons since a few years now. I love that they are so light but look heavy enough to wear at weddings. I love their variety of designs. I have always been complimented when I have worn these sari’s! My favourite is a black one with birds embroidered in strategic places.

In a world of fast fashion & trends, the Just Chiffon sari’s are classics that will be in my closet for years to come! Rohini is so wonderful & easy going; it makes the experience more special & creates a long term relation. I wish I had more occasions to wear these beautiful sari’s as often as possible!

Brinda Desai

Fitness expert, Mumbai

A saree delineates elegance,grace and respect .The most fabulous drape of all .
Just chiffons has always been my favourite and have bought several times from their collections,and what I love is that they really are timeless pieces with the best quality of fabric and intricate craftsmanship.
Just chiffons has a stunning sense of style and elegance which runs all through their designs .
Their mesmerising hues and ombré s are grace personified,making me feel so feminine and confident.
Thankyou for your impeccable work and look forward to seeing the new collection from season to season.

Vibhawari Kumari


My fond association with “Just Chiffons”, is nearing a decade and as I reminisce over each one of the beautiful, artistic, creative and original masterpieces of plain or ombré dyed ‘dreams made of chiffon’, that I possess and believe, was created only for me, I experience such joy and contentment ! Every time I have worn one of my “Just Chiffon “ sarees, I have ‘documented’ the occasion by taking a photograph and shared it with Rohini. This is my way of expressing my gratitude to both , Dipti ji and Rohini, for their warmth and friendship and the bond we share, over each motif, design, border, choice of colour, that translates into every saree, that is made, with their collective genius ! I treasure each one of my sarees from you and want to Thank You Both, for making my Daughters and me, feel so special. I have always received many compliments and enquiries, for and about my sarees ,whenever I have worn a saree by “Just Chiffons”. Your personal touch (literally) to the sarees and your impeccable handling of the delivery of the sarees, with a card or a note to show that you care about the satisfaction of the buyer, is commendable.
I express my sincere Thanks and appreciation to Dipti ji & Rohini @ “Just Chiffons” and wish them my Very Best, always.??

Anurita Titus

New Delhi

Just Chiffons is a label patronised by me and many of my family members. I have always found their designs unique and classic and their quality of fabric and shading exceptional.

HH Maharani Radhika Raje of Baroda


I love sarees. There is something about sarees that speak volumes about Indian culture. At Just Chiffons, their designs are lovely and one could sense that every pattern is made with so much love and care. I look forward to pampering myself with a few more from their exclusive collection.

Rupal Shabnam Tyagi

Founder Wikka India

Rohini it is a pleasure wearing your creations. U have a great collection and the workmanship is beautiful.. i get a lot of compliments for ur sarees ☺️I wish you all the best and keep doing great work. ❤️

Pranjala Phalke


Just Chiffons is my favourite when it comes to formal sarees. Dipti jija and Rohini create magic with their vintage designs on gossamer chiffons. The variety and techniques of embroidery revived are exceptional from cutworks, sequin jaals, aari, zari and zardozi everything is crafted very well. As designer based in Jaipur and someone who makes chiffons myself I also look out and appreciate people who are great designers and have amazing aesthetic. These sarees are so stunning that I showcase collections at my store for our discerning audience as well. I hope to see more beautiful pieces and collections from Just Chiffons.

Jaykirti Singh

Founder Jaykirti Textiles