Just Chiffons Saree Care Guide

Just Chiffons sarees are high quality platinum chiffons. Our experienced team of karigars have perfected a meticulous and painstaking process involving dyeing of the chiffon in solid or ombré combinations, as well as intricate hand-embroidery. Each drape is made with love, and we share some essential care instructions that will help you preserve the inherent beauty of your favourite Just Chiffons sarees.

Fold your saree neatly before storing in plastic covers. Avoid bundling the saree, as this may cause delicate embroidery/zari to come undone and/or get entangled in the warp and weft of the chiffon.

In case of accidental staining, dry clean your saree as soon as possible.

For light food and/oil stains, sprinkle talcum powder as an immediate remedy to facilitate quick absorption.

Only dry cleaning, and steam iron is advisable for regular maintenance.

Incase of any repair requirements, remember we are just a call away.

Our fine chiffons make the best heirlooms! Well maintained pieces can always be passed on through generations.