The rich repertoire of hand embroideries come alive in our sarees. Our studio creates pieces that are known for their exquisite embroideries like zari, zardozi, aari, sitara & resham thread work and cutwork. Just Chiffons revives the forgotten artisanal tales through our elegant sarees that once the Maharani’s of India enjoyed wearing, keeping India’s style identity alive with our premium collections of chiffons and select pieces of tissue, organza and chanderies.

Our expert kaarigars of handcraft are a very skilled team that together help in creating our designs on fabric. We combine a variety of different techniques to make one motif giving it the definition and detail required. We also specialize in cutwork- a needlework technique in which a portion of textile is cut away resulting in a hole that is then reinforced and filled with embroidery. An extremely difficult and intricate work to achieve on delicate fabric such as chiffon.

Maharani Indira Devi of Cooch Behar is known to be the first woman who wore chiffon as a saree. Which she stumbled upon in Paris and from there on began the trend of the material in India. Till today it is worn and loved by many present day scions who enjoy the elegance and exquisitivity of the chiffon saree. We at Just Chiffons, keep this art form and evergreen style alive with our revival pieces.